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Sansheng company with more than 20 years’ history is headquartered in Shanghai city. We enjoy very convenient traffic , near to Pudong airport and Ningbo port  . Shanghai factory covers over 24000 square meters, produce corrugated stainless steel tube . Branch factory is located in Yuhuan Zhejiang province , supply all kinds of brass valves and fittings .


Our core business is the production of CSST corrugated stainless steel tube 304  (with high resistance to pressure and deformation ) for two different solutions : Plumbing and Gas .

To meet market demands and exceed customer expectations, our company uses cutting-edge technology and world-class production lines and heat-treatment furnaces. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of water tube and gas tube , water and gas connectors and all kinds of fittings. Our ISO9001 certification further assures our internal and external quality control. We guarantee our customers high-quality products, quick delivery, and direct and attentive customer service. All the while we continue to actively seek mutual cooperation in business and technology, advocating OEM and ODM projects. Through this website, we wish to ease your search for a friendly and honest supplier and business partner. We are looking forward to working with you.



    Shanghai Sansheng Health Technology Co.,Ltd.

  • tel:+86 021-57588213
  • fax:+86 021-578589555
  • mobile:182 2103 9302
  • QQ:888888
  • email:sansheng@sh-sansheng.com
  • postcode:201405
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