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New arrival 2019.02.20

New arrival

Sansheng launch new product ------15A GAS tube, 27 waves for each 10 cm, the 90。bend can reach 70 t

2020 Product catalogue 2019.02.20

2020 Product catalogue

Our new 2020 product catalogue is now available for download. Just one click away. Find out more ab

2020 online Canton fair living room 2019.02.20

2020 online Canton fair living room

The traditional fair for foreign purchaser was a great opportunity for Sansheng to present our inno

2021 Canton fair 2019.02.20

2021 Canton fair

The Canton Fair’s trade methods are flexible and diverse. In addition to the traditional goods tran

CSA certificate 2019.02.20

CSA certificate

The full security and satisfaction of our customers is our priority. For this reason we try to keep



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