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Coating: Red PVC
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Sansheng water tube systems

·         Corrugated flexible CSST tubes in 304 stainless steel and suitable for drinking water, resistant to pressure and deformation, permits to realize every kind of shape with corners up to 180° without support of specific bending tools.

·         Brass fittings studied and realized by Sansheng to make the installation easier and assure the tightness of the system.

·         Tightness elements (gaskets) suitable for drinking water.

Sansheng CSST tubing systems summarize the best characteristics of reliability and solidity of metal tubes and the handiness in installation.

The main advantages are:

·         Quickness in laying of the installations;

·         Easiness in manual shaping with very small bending radius without the deformation of the section;

·         Lightness and strength

Maintenance of the shape after bending.



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