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CSA certificate
添加時間:2019-02-20 12:03:32

The full security and satisfaction of our customers is our priority. For this reason we try to keep abreast of innovation while still guaranteeing a high level of quality.

To this purpose, through constant and timely improvement of our quality management system, we have implemented all company levels and certified our products to ensure their high professionalism.

Our systems are divided into two fields of application, Water and Gas, all equally certified. Specifically, American Gas certifications refer to the national legislation currently in force:  

ANSI Z21.24-2015/CSA 6.10-2015

ANSI Z21.75-2016/CSA 6.27-2016



    Shanghai Sansheng Health Technology Co.,Ltd.

  • tel:+86 021-57588213
  • fax:+86 021-578589555
  • mobile:182 2103 9302
  • QQ:888888
  • email:sansheng@sh-sansheng.com
  • postcode:201405
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